JUNE 27, 1862

The 5thNY Volunteer Infantry earned distinction not just for their snappy uniforms but for valor and tenacity. To learn about this regiment at Gaines Mill click here.

The first diorama depicts the brave, but ultimately futile charge of the 5NY at Gaines Mill. The unit suffered 162 casualties out of the 450 engaged.

Most of the figures are commercial kits. Some such as the DML figures were converted to zouave uniforms. Five of the figures were sculpted by Bernard Kempinski. The wounded rebel is a converted M1 tank driver. The flags are home made decals using self adhesive paper on sheet pewter.

The second diorama depicts a scene inspried by Don Troiani's painting. Details on its constructiuon are described in the frame below.

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For another diorama depicting the 5th NY click here.


Portion of Troiani's Painting "The Red Devils"showing Sergeant Berrian at Gaines Mill. It's a compelling pose.

Bill Horan's 54mm version. THE standard for excellence in military miniatures. How does he do that?

Harton Miniatures produces a 90mm version of this figure.

First photo of my scratchbuilding/conversion attempt at Sergeant Berrian. The stock Ultracast head appears too small for the Historex academy figure . The arms are modified from the Dragon 54mm set.

Back View

I replaced the Ultracast head with a Shenadoah head. Still working on flag attachment. Added detail to leggings, canteen, cap pounh and photoetched buckle.

Reworked leggings to make thinner. New flag attached with cloth ties. Flagpole has soldered finial. Carved tassle from hardened piece of AB Putty. Figure has been primed and flaws sanded. Almost ready to paint.

Almost done! Details and a third figure will complete the vignette. Figures painted with acrylics. Flag was drawn/painted in Photoshop, printed to paper and mounted to heavy duty aluminum foil.

Almost done, another view.


5thNY State Flag

5thNY Reenactors on Parade at Gettysburg

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