JULY 1-3, 1863

Turning point of the Civil War. Meade's first test in battle results in a bloody repulse of R.E. Lee's invading army. For more information about the battle click here.

The dioramas featured on these pages were prepared for a book entitled "Enduring Valor" published by Marek/Janci Publishing. You can find more about the book by clicking here.

Day 1: July 1, 1863

Generals Buford and Reynolds confer near Seminary Ridge

The Iron Brigade goes into action.

XI Corp advances north of Gettysburg

A.P. Hill rallys his men

XI Corps fought well but were overwhelmed by Ewell's Corps.

Hill's Men sweep past the Seminary

Barlow's Troops advance north of town.

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Day 2: July 2, 1863

Barksdale's Mississippi troops advance on Sickles.

Battle at Trostle Farm.

20th Maine defends Little Round Top

Out of ammo, Col Chamberlain leads the 20th Maine in a charge

Anderson's Division Charges into the Wheatfield

110th Pennsylvannia Infantry open fire.

A desperate fight for the colors.

The wheatfield changed hands several times duringthe fight

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Day 3: July 3, 1863

Cushing's Battery fires on Picket's Division

Picket's Virginians Charge

The death of General Armistead

Fi ght for the Angle

High Tide of theConfederacy:

A large panorama of the battle's climax