Military miniatures and dioramas by Bernard Kempinski

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The American Civil War is a period of history that many people find fascinating. The bloody struggle lasted four long years and resulted in a stronger Union of States. The following web page is my tribute in miniature form to the men and women who served both sides of the conflict.
The Dioramas

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Gaines Mill, VA, 1862

Alexandria, VA, 1862

Second Manassas, VA 1862

Antietam, MD 1862

Gettysburg, PA, 1863

NEW! Petersburg, VA 1864

Other Dioramas

Battle of Leigntiz, 1241

Battle of Sekigahara, 1600

The Petersburg Diorama featuring the Dictator Mortar is complete. Click the images to see more photos.
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Original Acrylic ainting completed in Dec 2005 showing a new different view of the Dictator.
Composite Map of the USMRR City Point Line. Made from several digital photos of the map at t he US National Archives. The linked image is 1.7MB.