Background: In 1241 a Polish-German Army lead by Duke Henry II of Silesia met an invading force of Mongols jointly lead by Baidar and Kaidu, grandson of the Khan Ogedai near the town of Leignitz. In the ensuing battle the Mongols were victorious, collecting nine sacks of ears from their fallen enemies. The diorama depicts the final desperate stand of a contingent of Knights of the Teutonic Order. They all perished.

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The Diorama: The central figures in the scene are 54mm (1/32 scale) miniatures. The two mounted Mongols with spears are slightly modified cast metal kits from Elisena. The Mongols with the saber is a Pegaso kit. Three of the Teutonic knights are scratch built. The knight with red antlers is a converted Mike Blank Kit, while the sergeant with sword is a Pegaso kit. The downed horse is a Historex conversion using sheet pewter and epoxy putty.

The figures were painted with both acrylics and Windsor & Newton water thinnable oil paints.

In the background are a variety of 28mm figures, painted by Jeff Ball, and smaller 15mm figures.

Photo Notes: The photos were taken with a Canon EOS D30 with a 50mm Macro lens at f32. A single overhead 600W light provided illumination with fill cards used as needed. Various poster prints created the backdrop. The smoke effects were added using Photoshop.

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Unpainted Scratchbuilt Knight
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